Artists Developing

Celebrating artists developing their work and having active

conversations on how process effects mental health.

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    Ben Chapin

    Ben Chapin is an animator, illustrator and graphic designer, currently based in Portland, OR.

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    Courtney Ahn

    courtney ahn design is a creative studio based in portland, oregon

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    I Need You Dead!

    I Need You Dead! follows the story of a young punk named DOOD. After a moment of total teenage angst, he births a strange fleshy creature… it mocks him, hurts him, and takes over his whole world! DOOD must find some way to rid of this evil monster before it convinces DOOD to rid of himself!

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    Josh Gates

    "I’m especially inspired by the artists who are actually in my life, where I get to have a close-up window into their ideas and creative process."

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    Kait Kegerreis

    "I am most creative when I have taken care of myself, and my art is just one extension of my many self-care practices. If I am not taking care of my mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing it is extremely challenging for me to get into the flow and dive into the process."

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    Kellay Briggs

    A Second to Prose

    One day, I purged the cards, notes, and scraps of paper that you had ever written messages to me on. Then months later, weeped on my apartment floor that I didn’t have them anymore. That I could examine your writing. I couldn’t touch what you had touched. I had no paper to press to my skin that you had once pressed pen or pencil to. Sometimes I wish we still spoke so I could ask if you would think that was stupid of me. I desire confirmation of what I think you would say. In my heart, I already know you would....

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