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The Quiet Crowd is a psychological horror feature film that follows the murder of Sophie, a PSU art student, that has been killed in her apartment and staged to be a living art piece. All around her clues of her time in the quiet crowd. Directed, written, and produced by women, and featuring two sharp female leads- this macabre horror begs you to answer the question: what would you do to achieve greatness?


As Detective Uldrich attempts to piece together the last year of her life. But separating fact from fantasy in this world of violence, sexual deviance, and emotional instability is a difficult task. Especially when underneath the politically charged social practice art scene may lie something infinitely more sinister.


This project is a collection of experiences, observations, stories, and fantasies director/writer Megean McBride had while studying at PSU. These stories seek to draw out the experience a majority have had in a culture that promotes rape, misogyny, and the alienation of those who don’t fit into the prescribed boxes.


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