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The Quiet Crowd is a psychological thriller that follows the murder of Sophie, a PSU art student, that has been killed in her apartment and staged to be a performance art piece. All around her are clues of her time in the quiet crowd. 

As Detective Uldrich attempts to piece together the last year of her life he finds that in the social practice art scene lies something infinitely more sinister. And with the help of her journal, in Sophie's own words, he is taken on a ride of sexual abuse, trauma, and a violent fear that plagues many of the women of the campus. But separating fact from fantasy in Sophie's world is a difficult task. Especially when the staging of her death is politically charged and her best friend Khali is virtually untraceable. A living ghost. 
This is a film about the connections between art, the modern celebrity, and trauma. By the click of Sophie's tongue we embark on a dark fairy-tale about what it is like to feel like a god in the street surrounded by the dangers of man. Featuring two sharp female leads- this macabre thriller begs you to answer the question: what would you do to achieve greatness?

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