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Note from the Writer

Hello, my name is Megean McBride-Sanchez. I am the writer of the Quiet Crowd and co-director. This is a story that has been pieced together from painful and personal experiences. And while I could tell you about many of the people I knew while writing it- I’d like to share something personal that gets to the heart of this story.

It is sometimes strange to say my name because of the story that is behind it. Jacqueline Moreno-Garcia, my mother, always says that when she gave me the name of my non-biological grandfather she did it to protect me. My grandfather is a kind wonderful man who came into the life of my grandmother and raised my mother when she was very young. His name is not my name, but we are family. His name was given to me so that I would get into colleges, maybe one day get published, not be turned over for jobs, and be treated with respect in the world. Because my mother, an award winning essay writer and mother of three, knew the pain of racism. Of being quieted by others. My father, an vivacious Asian musician, knew the same. 

  So, Megean McBride I became. And I grew up of mixed race knowing not who to claim or who to become. My identity, being one that others who felt comfortable to be racist near or against me, a mirror for which to hide behind. And I, a kind of cloaked child, quieted too by the world. Hiding behind the books in the little library by the mission I grew up near. Given all the advantages to speak but none of the eloquence to, because who do you speak to when you don’t know where you belong? 

When I wrote this script and I thought of sharing it with the world there were many reasons I wanted to. One, to talk about mental illness in a deep and honest way. That fixing problems can lead to more. Two, to write a villain so alive that it changes you. To experience the world she lives in and want to question your own thoughts in the way that all the literature I have loved has. And three, to- in my own awkward way- explain what it feels like to be that cloaked child hidden in the darkness of others, living on top of a graveyard of all of all the horrible things ever done to your ancestors and not having any claim on it. To be white passing and white silenced.  

I added the name of my great grandmother later. Rosa Sanchez. A strong women whose portrait I see in my mind when I do anything in my life. She was an immigrant who came from Mexico, built a business, worked on the railroad during the war, had children, and took care of her community. She is in my blood. Not watered down. She is with me always. I know her name is a privilege to have. Not like the privilege I hold to be white passing- where I know that privilege comes with great responsibility to love and care for the world- and work for a better world where we all have a space.

The privilege of her name is to know where I come from and to take responsibility for that in everything I do. This is why I write this story. While the many scripts I will produce in the future will hopefully and humbly tell stories of strong women of all kinds I hope this story breathes of compassion in a dark place. Because the nuances and pain of being a human in this world should never take us from our humanity, but rather influence our compassion. Compassion is true strength. 

This is a story from a collection of pieces of experiences in the world we live into today. It is perhaps the darkest thing I have ever written. The quiet crowd is for those who have felt alone in the darkness. Silenced by the world. Now you have a voice.


The quiet crowd is for those who have felt alone in the darkness. Silenced by the world.

Now you have a voice.

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